Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Eye Twitch

My eye has been twitching for a week or so. It got progressively worse the less I slept and the more I stressed out. I've been working on a huge project for my son's class and it had to get done by Wednesday. I was still trying to get it to work right on Monday and it was barely even started. I was freaking out, to say the least.

Yesterday afternoon, after scouring the Internet for information, I found a program to help me. Thank God for the Internet and user forums. So the project fell together within a couple of hours after I figured out how to use the program correctly. By 4am Tuesday morning, I was almost done but fried. Nothing has gotten done at home while I worked on this. Nothing. My house is scary. My kid has been dealing with a crabby, tired momma. And my eye - oh my GOD, my eye twitching was making it worse. We're talking a deep lower eye twitch that was erratic and almost painful.

Suddenly, about the same time I started copying the completed project so each parent gets one, my eye stopped twitching! I suddenly feel calm and less freaked out. I'm not even kidding. I went from a tight chest filled with anxiety and panic last week, to this happy calm feeling. School is out tomorrow and I'm free from the daily stress of getting us out the door on time. The rushed, "EAT EAT OMG FREAKIN' EAT!!!" If this is what I'm going to go through for the next 12 years, I'm screwed.

Tomorrow we're going to the school at 8:45am. Why? Why in the world would I do that to myself? Because I feel happy! No, not really. Ha ha! Actually, I'm giving in to my child's despair of not getting a yearbook when his best friend got one. When the order forms showed up, I thought "Not for 4K. No." Now that I saw it, I want him to have one. So I called and there are only six left. First come, first serve. I'll be there before the school opens just to get him one. Oh, and to drop off the project and to help the teacher with a technically issue if it's not figured out yet.

Is this what it's like when your kid starts school? I'm already committed to PTA projects for next year, which I'm happy to do because it's technical stuff. I feel like I'm becoming this other person who gets involved and is social and stuff. It's weird, but I kind of like it. I think. I'm resistant to the idea too. Maybe it's because I almost feel like we're not going to settle down here. I still kind of want to live in Arizona. I don't know. All I know is it's summer break as of tomorrow, I'm stress free and I drive to Chicago on Saturday to drop the kid off for two whole weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

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