Monday, June 20, 2011

Saving Money This Summer - Games and Streaming TV

I'm absolutely on a mission to save money as it warms up outside. Not only do I want to put my PlayOn and Netflix to good use, but I also want to try to watch less television this summer. It's ridiculous to pay for subscriptions that are barely being used and my kid had plenty of stuff to do. I also want to save for the colder months now that I know how much it costs to heat this place!

This winter just about tapped me out financially. I wasn't sure how much it would cost to electrically heat my new apartment, and boy was I in for a shock! Now that I've averaged it out over the year, it's more manageable. The quarterly water bill was a new one too. It's easier to think of it as a monthly expense rather than, "OMG WTF we need to shower less!"

I also didn't have the benefit of educational financial aid to help out this year either. Thankfully, I got resident tuition rates this year, after a huge drama, and I'm going back to school in the fall. Another reason to quit cable and move to streaming TV - focusing purposes.

So between the video game subscription with Gamefly, the Netflix subscription and PlayOn, I should successfully lower my bills by a significant amount every month this summer. I was able to take this last year away from school, even though it hurt financially, and transition into writing with transcription as a back up. I'm in a good place and I'm looking forward to saving money this summer.

This week: How to connect your laptop or computer to your television for streaming purposes.

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