Monday, August 8, 2011

Is It September Yet?

I honestly don't feel like blogging lately. I'm busy with way too much work (which is good) and trying to get both of us ready for school. Mine isn't going so well and making appointments for all the medical stuff for the kid is wearing me out. I'm overwhelmed and can't wait for September when we can get into a routine with school. I also need to make some doctor appointments for myself.

We're also going through a rough time here with back talk and blatantly disobeying me. I'm not sure if it's an age thing or something about not seeing his dad since June. That alone is enough to piss me off but whatever. Not my problem since I can't control what he does.

We have a fun week ahead and something planned for every other day this week. Then it's time to buckle down & get things done next week. Hopefully the elementary school is open so I can turn in some paper work. I feel like the only mom that doesn't know what teacher my son is getting. Whatever. Everything is just whatever right now. Is it September yet?

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