Saturday, November 3, 2012

Random Dance Stuff

I've decided I love my son's dance class. It's not a tap and ballet class, which are filled with all girls here, but it's a hip hop/pop and lock dance class and he loves it. I also enjoy the music while I sit and read a book through his class. Ironically, the teacher at the studio and I went to the same high school, yet ended up here in small-town WI. So I know the Chicago house music that he plays. I'm sure we know the same people back in IL, but I haven't played the who-do-you-know game yet.

I'm just hoping I can afford to get my son into the next session in January. He loves it so much and he's really good at it already. I can't wait to see their first production around Christmas. He always comes out of this class all excited and happy. I wonder if they have someone doing their social media marketing. Hm, maybe a potential bartering situation here??? Stay tuned for the outcome on that.

In tomorrow's news, I think I have a date coming up soon. Should be interesting.

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