Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Moved My... Everything!

Tonight on Parenthood, Kristina, who is fighting cancer, has her mother in law in her home helping her after her cancer surgery and subsequent chemotherapy. A strict diet and physical restrictions keep her from doing her daily activities. She calls her husband to have "a moment" where she freaks out. They really hit it on the head how it feels to have other people in your home to help you, and accepting help. I have so been there.

Losing control of my entire life and letting other people take care of everything while I was in the hospital was really hard. Letting other people take care of my son was the worst. I was so excited to come home. It was progress to getting better. I was so grateful to everyone that kept things going for me while I was sick and for all their help. I could've never gotten through it without them.

Then I started looking for things around the house. My kitchen was rearranged, which is why I had to laugh when Parenthood noted the tea had been moved on Kristina. It it's so true. People move things thinking it'll be easier for you. In reality, when you're sick - or recovering, you want things the same. You want the comfort of knowing things are like before you got sick. It took a while before I got it back together the way I like it. That was due to not being able to lift my arms over my head. My closet, on the other hand, was a HUGE relief. I was actually able to find things! When I'd gotten sick and my best friend came to help, she totally organized everything in there.

Things are definitely scattered and cluttered around here lately. It's especially hard when both my son and I have had colds on top of my disability. I could use a good organizer and helper, which my mom totally did when she visited, and boy do I miss the cleaning people! But whether my house is clean or cluttered, I'm surviving and I'm not in the hospital twice a month like last year. I'm thankful that even though my life isn't the same as before I got sick, it's still better than it was a year ago. I'm the one in charge of my life and my son is home with me. That's what matters now - even if I don't know where I put the remote control five seconds ago!

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