Friday, November 9, 2012

Working Out with Slushy Magic

First, to cover my legal behind, I wasn't paid or given this product - I purchased it myself - and all opinions are my own after having used Slush Magic for a while.

Sometime during my illness, I ordered Slushy Magic for my son. Said son had been begging for this for months and I finally gave in. When they finally came, he was living with his dad while I recovered. So I didn't actually get to see them in action until recently.

Let's just say I'm getting my arm workouts in making him these slushies in a cup. Holy cow. I need a paint can shaker to get these things to make slushies. I think I'm filling them too full with the beverage. I'm not sure.  I didn't actually read the directions because, really, how hard could it be to make slushies? Yeah.

So here I am, at least twice a week shaking two cups to get enough slushy to make it worth it. One cup just doesn't cut it and isn't worth the work put in to make it. My physical therapist would be proud.

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